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Peace Experiment

Montessori Secondary Education

School.   Reinvented.

Your school. Your way.

We are changing the way you think about Education.

We endorse students to lead the way to a more peaceful world.

What is Peace Experiment?

Peace Experiment is an opportunity for all 11-18 year olds to define their relationship with education. We are a Montessori Secondary School with Peace at the centre of our curriculum. Our experiment explores what education for peace looks like in our community and environment.

No classes. No homework. No assignments. No uniform. No assemblies. No detentions. No tests. No exams (unless requested).

No bullying, no pressure, no judgements, no discrimination.  We welcome all students from all backgrounds, ethnicity, and all gender / sexuality / sex / orientation combinations.

Students feel accepted for who they are, and feel supportive of each other.

Education for Peace is the central theme in our community: we're a creative learning environment.

Students may study any of their interests, and we will support them using the lenses of the NZ curriculum framework learning areas: the arts, PE & health, technology,  languages, science, social sciences, English, mathematics.

Assessment and Qualifications:   Students use learning experiences to build their academic rigour. Students may elect to study for qualifications such as standards from NCEA on the NZQF framework to celebrate their learning - students take responsibility for their own learning.

New Zealand is one of the best in the world at preparing students for the future, At Peace Experiment we are part of that preparation. 

A school of choice

Kate (parent)

"At Peace Experiment students can express themselves, free from bullying and judgement. They can therefore focus on learning in a safe, supportive pressure-free environment.

They are able to follow their passions, steer their own journey and find their way on their own terms, alongside their peers.

Students who used to reluctantly drag themselves to school will leap out of bed every day to get to this school.

The Principal is a rare gem, he’s extremely knowledgeable, very highly educated and is incredible with the students. The teachers are beyond wonderful.

It's the school I have dreamed of - In real life."


"Amazing school and a very peaceful environment where student can explore themselves and find out what their true values and interest are."

A personal invitation.  Your school.   You matter

Peace Experiment is Montessori secondary education for 11-18 year olds.   It is a school of choice.

What if you could design your own school, a place where you can learn, have fun and belong?

Can everyone be a creative and an innovative thinker, a caring nurturer, and a compassionate leader?

What do you think a Montessori secondary school might look like? What would work for you?

You are welcome to join us.

WE are a contemporary METRO SCHOOL

Visit Us -  Ground Floor, 18 Pilkington Road, Panmure, Auckland   09 3919200, 02108134482,

A metro style school means that we use the facilities and the community around us, so we can be truely part of our neighbourhood. We have the beautiful Mount Wellington Domain, on our back door; we are opposite the Panmure Library, we are close to the Panmure Lagoon, the Leisure centre and swimming Pools, cool cafes, funky shops, and of course Panmure Transport Hub - trains and buses connecting us to all of Auckland.

School day

  • Students start between 8am and 10am (by arrangement); they can travel independently as we are right by a public transport hub
  • Students arrive - and refer to their own individual plan of work.  Students are supported by staff who nurture the student's own interests,
  • Students develop individual work plans, and set goals.
  • Staff motivate, support, monitor and guide, and have regular conferences with each student and communicate with parents.
  • Students may negotiate to work off campus
  • Students leave when they are finished for the day.
  • & we close by 5pm
Invitation to Support us

1) Peace with self, other and the Earth

This means recycling, reducing, re-using.  At Peace Experiment we are proud to re-use materials, given as gifts, donations, second hand items. We are doing our part to reduce waste, packaging, landfill, exploitation of minerals, un-necessary industry, pollution, transport, and toxins.  We appreciate your help.

2) Ways you could help: Peace Experiment is a community initiative, and volunteering and offerings are welcome

3) Items to be donated:

Peace Experiment reuses, recycles and chooses sustainable products where possible; we are proud that where possible all items are second hand

  • working, fast laptops and desktops
  • beautiful models, figurines, statues: humans, and other animals (not plastic)
  • beautiful books
  • artworks, objets d'art(beautiful)
  • art materials

4) Other activity

Our belief is that Education for peace is needed to a) liberate the individual child and b) liberate the human species and c) re-establish harmony with the planet

  • come to Open days
  • come to Peace Talks (First Friday of every month, 7:30pm)
  • encourage friends to visit
  • offer suggestions (see contact page)
  • find more staff members
  • offer scholarships for local students
  • offer to mentor students in your area of expertise