Montessori Education


Montessori education is where students learn in a way that suits them. They create their own learning paths and take the lead and responsibility in their education.  With the guidance and support of the staff and community, students may study toward NCEA qualifications. Montessori education is a highly regarded approach to education and is over 100 years old, it is widely spread around the globe.

The child is the builder of humanity, the creative transforming energy which can act on the hearts of all humans and can offer new elements for the solution of social problems.  Future peace depends on building a new society in which the individualities are protected during that original period in which they are constructing themselves. And this is the sort of peace that only the child can provide.
Dr. Montessori's first course in India, 1940


How can I find out more about Montessori Education?

Steven  is also the Assistant Director at an online Programme that offers a Masters Degree in Montessori Integrative Learning (TIES) please contact to learn more.

Going Out

An important part of Montessori Secondary Education is going out.  This is the term used for students who arrange a trip and manage the whole thing themselves.  Often moving about parts of the city unaccompanied by adults.  The students are well versed in the safety and health expectations and need to have

  • AT HOP Card,
  • phone
  • Library Card cash or access to it, for an emergency (Suggest an EFTPOS card with limited cash eg $10)
  • Student ID;

I also suggest taking a few of the business cards to distribute as required.  Note: a wallet is helpful or a central storage space. This leads to trust, responsibility, caring for others, awareness of self and others, PE and Health, and also maturity. 

Parents are encouraged to stay in contact if you have any concerns or want to add any thoughts. I am happy to run a parent education on this topic if parents are interested. 

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